Xamarin Developer, an Open Source Platform For Enterprise Use

Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform programming tool, formerly known as Mobileazoid. It is an open-source software platform developed by a group of expert software engineers in the Silicon Valley. XAM Consulting provides developers and designers a platform to develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, Symbian and other platforms. Xamarin can also be used to develop desktop applications as well.

Why Hire an Xamarin Developer?

The combination of a cutting-edge technology and a great community has made Xamarin extremely popular among web development companies. Xamarin’s support for Android is particularly beneficial because so many Android applications were previously developed and hosted on third-party platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. Xamarin also provides a number of tools and frameworks for integrating with the Android device operating system, including an open source framework called Cordova. Xamarin integrates with a number of additional tools and frameworks, and is free to use and build upon.

Xamarin’s easy to use user interface and rich visual language and toolkit make it ideal for developing enterprise applications. A large amount of the programming code is written in C#, making it an ideal programming language for writing user interface controls. This means that most Xamarin developers are experts in a variety of technologies and can quickly adapt their skills to the needs of a particular application. Moreover, many Xamarin developers have built applications for healthcare companies and education institutions. Xamarin is rapidly gaining momentum as a premier open-source platform.


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