Workers Compensation Lawyers – Why It’s Important to Hire Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyers

Typically, if you are hurt at work and the injury is related to your job, your employer must cover your medical expenses, at least some of your lost wages, and in some cases, a portion of your funeral costs. It is important that you report the injury to your employer as soon as possible, seek proper medical attention and then consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

What is the phone number for the NYC Law Department Workers Comp?

Rin Kim Law Many people are tempted to skip hiring an attorney for their workers’ comp case, especially when their injuries are minor or they haven’t missed any workdays. However, if your injuries are serious or you’re dealing with difficult employers or insurance companies, it is often in your best interests to hire an experienced workers’ comp attorney right away.

Then, if your case goes to a hearing before an administrative law judge, your lawyer will prepare your argument, cross-examine witnesses, and make sure that all the necessary paperwork is filed on time.

If the insurance company disagrees with your doctor about the severity of your injuries or your ability to return to work, your attorney can get the judge to listen to an independent medical examination by a worker’s comp-approved doctor. Also, if you’re injured by the negligence of a third party in addition to your workplace injury, a workers’ comp attorney can file a third-party lawsuit against that party on your behalf.


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