If you are considering buying some sort of cat litter for your feline friend, you should think about tofu cat litter because it is all natural, biodegradable, smells neutral, and most importantly, it makes your carpet last longer! Tofu litter is completely biodegradable, non toxic, safe for human consumption, and also a great alternative to your standard cat litters. After about three weeks of use, the products usually last about a month and then has to come in to refresh the cat litters. This is also true with organic kitty litters because they must sit to cycle through the compost process. It is much faster with the organic products.

How to Know About Tofu Cat Litter?

One advantage of using tofu cat litter as opposed to other brands is that there is no need to flush away the waste at least two to three inches to get the waste to break down. By mixing water with it, you can make a great smelling liquid that you can spray your cat with to keep him smelling fresh. To avoid having to flush the waste two to three inches away, the system uses a two inch flush tube. With the two inch flush, you can be sure that the cat will have enough room to turn around and jump back into his or her litter box!

The system itself consists of three compartments, the top being a two inch by two millimeter diameter tube that connects to the middle compartment, which is a two millimeter diameter hose. Between the tubes is a thick material that has a smooth inner surface. When the dirt builds up in one compartment, it will spill over into the other, cleaning out the entire two millimeter diameter hose. All the dirt that is caught in the outer two millimeter diameter part can then be easily removed with a cloth or sponge. This means that you won’t have to empty the dust out of your cat’s litter box, which is a major benefit when compared to some other brands.


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