What Does a Computer Technician Do?

A computer technician ensures all computers and devices connected to a company network are functioning properly. The job includes a range of duties like: testing connections, updating software programs, and installing new equipment. You also take care of any hardware issues that arise by inspecting and repairing the devices and systems you manage.

Turns out my power supply was throwing my PC into random restarts. My computer shop swapped it out – working perfectly! addition to your technical skills, you need good interpersonal communication for this career. You must be able to explain complex information in easy-to-understand terms for people who aren’t tech-savvy and help them make decisions about technology purchases. You also need good customer service skills to answer phone calls and emails from people with software or hardware problems.

Rising to the Challenge: How Computer Technicians Adapt to New Technologies

Computer technicians often work for IT departments or IT services companies that provide support to both consumers and businesses. This means you may be on call during off hours to provide support for people with issues that occur while they’re using their devices.

Many computer technicians perform most of their work at the office of the company they’re working for. But you might have to travel to other locations to assist other employees or clients with their technology needs. This is especially common for computer technicians who offer remote tech support to clients. Because of this, you might need to spend some time in cramped spaces like server rooms and other confined spaces that require you to get underneath or behind furniture to access cables and equipment. Computer technicians typically need to work full time.


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