What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Sworn Path Analysis?

Vehicle swept path analysis is a method used by some of the leading automobile accident investigation and evaluation agencies to assess the likelihood of multiple vehicle crashes in terms of statistical probability. The methodology of this method involves the creation of a detailed photographic profile of the vehicle’s entire flight path, including all intersections with other road users and any possible side/curbs collisions during the flight. This method has proved to be a very accurate representation of the actual probability of a vehicle colliding with another vehicle. With the help of a fully integrated swept path analysis system, crash investigators have been able to reduce the overall number of vehicle crashes from nearly one hundred a year down to around thirty.

vehicle swept path analysis

Here Is A Method That Is Helping What Are The Benefits Of Vehicle Sworn Path Analysis?

Vehicle tracking has become an integral part of transportation analysis for several reasons. First of all, with vehicle tracking, accident investigators are able to obtain detailed photographs of the accident locations and the positions of all involved vehicles. It has also been found that when an investigator reconstructs the events of an auto collision based on vehicle tracking, it tends to make the investigation more efficient because it eliminates the need for the use of additional specialized analytical tools such as vehicle-positioning radar or other autopilot systems. Additionally, the comprehensive information obtained from vehicle tracking reduces the need for the use of more hazardous analyzing and diagnostic tools such as crash databases, vehicle dynamics software and crash simulators.

The increased use of swept path analysis has provided a number of benefits. For instance, if an investigator finds that several cars were traveling in a single direction at the same time, and that none of these cars was stopped or observed, this might indicate the involvement of another driver who was not involved in the accident, as the vehicles traveling in different directions would not have been visible to the driver of the stopped car. Another important benefit derived from the use of swept vehicle path analysis in the field of car park design is the reduction in the generation of dozens of manual vehicle control codes each year by removing the need for human interpretation of each code.


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