Toyota Hiace Bull Bars – How Hiace Bull Bar Safety Features Are Beneficial

hiace bull bar

Hiace Bull Bars are the most popular vehicle light bars in North America. They come in two styles; the front bumper style, and the rear bumper style. The front Hiace Bull Bar is designed with both ends to be able to accept a license plate. The bars are built out of lightweight aluminum with an extra strong finish to withstand any collision. These rugged, durable, and attractive bars are sold with complete installation instructions and a full warranty from Hiace.


The rear Hiace Bull Bar comes with a three-piece design that allows it to accept license plates in a variety of sizes from a size twelve to a size sixteen. In addition, this bar style also has side skirts to help minimize wind resistance and a safety guard to prevent the bar from being lifted from its base when the motorcycle is turned over. The Hiace rear bumper also includes an extra strong double rivet hook to help secure the bumper and is also able to accept a padlock to ensure the safety of the passengers. The 4WD buses come with either one or two front mounted fans to cool the engine, providing superb air flow to all areas of the engine compartment. The fans come with factory mounting brackets so most models will include the needed mounting hardware and a warranty for one year.


There are many benefits of purchasing a high quality, made by Toyota Hiace commuter or bull bars. This type of rugged, safe, and comfortable safety product is manufactured to meet and exceed the highest standards of design and engineering. As with other nice products, the ability to upgrade or replace parts is available so there is no need to spend more money than necessary to change or improve a part that is broken or worn.


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