The History of Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Body Piercing has been practiced by people throughout history in many cultures. It was believed that these piercings would protect the body from evil spirits. If you’re considering getting body piercing, it is a good idea to research the safety and risks of the procedure. Generally, local wound infections are the most common. These infections can be treated with antibacterial soap or ointment and warm compresses. It is not necessary to remove the FB to treat an infection, but you should be aware that the jewelry will stay in place while the infection is being treated.

Before getting your body pierced, make sure that you choose a reputable artist. This artist should use sterile tools. Never try to perform the piercing yourself. Also, never let someone else do it, even if they claim to be a professional. Lastly, don’t rush into the process. Take your time choosing a site and jewelry.

The practice of body piercing has been around for many centuries. It was a popular fad in the nineteenth century in Paris and London, when women were often pierced in their navels to make themselves look more feminine. Today, body piercing is often considered a fashion statement and is often associated with youth and beauty.

The modern practice of body piercing involves the use of small-gauge jewelry. Navel piercings usually feature ornamental beads. Gold is an expensive metal, so piercers use non-reactive metals.


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