Sports Relays

Royaltv01 races are team-based events where one runner hands off a baton to another runner who runs to the finish line. The first team to successfully complete all legs of the race wins. The handoff is the most important part of the relay race. The best teams will have clean, precise handoffs that minimize lost time.

Relays are most often run in a series of four legs. The most common way to set up a four-person relay is to select the second-fastest runner, the third-fastest runner and then the fastest (anchor). However, some teams may choose different runners for each leg. Athletes should be trained to be good at a variety of running speeds, including short sprints and long distance endurance.

Breaking Barriers: Advancements in Technology and Sports Relay Performance

In a normal relay race, each runner runs 100 meters and then hands off to a teammate. This runner will then run the next segment of the race. The team that is the fastest to complete all four legs will win the race.

During the handoff, the outgoing runner must look back and hold their arm out straight with the palm up in order to receive the baton from their incoming teammate. The incoming runner must also remain within their assigned lane during the entire transfer. Failure to meet these criteria can result in disqualification.

For a fun variation on this game, have students line up in groups of four. Then have them pass a beanbag over and under their legs in a line. When the bag reaches the last student in the line they then run to the front of the line and the passing begins again.


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