Passover Programs


Passover programs are a great way to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover. These vacation packages offer accommodations, kosher meals, entertainment, and activities in destinations worldwide. Read more

Classic Model

A classic Passover program includes all meals, snacks, activities, and entertainment for guests. They also provide a Rabbi to help people with their religious needs. The Rabbis can tell you about all the details of the dietary laws for Passover and make sure that everything is in order.

All Inclusive Model

An all-inclusive Passover program is similar to the classic model but they include more outings and activities in the package. These can be things like horseback riding, island cruises, ski rentals, lift tickets, or local Jewish history tours.

Making Passover Seder Fun and Engaging for Children

Children’s programs are a very popular part of many Passover programs. They usually have activities that are monitored and supervised by experienced staff. These activities can be educational and fun.

The staff will also be familiar with all of the Passover rules and regulations so they can assist you with them. They can tell you about where you can find kosher foods, and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Babysitters are often offered on most of these programs so you can enjoy an adult meal without worrying about your children. They will stay in the room with your children, watch television with them, and ensure they are safe while you are enjoying the adult meals.

The holiday of Passover is a time to celebrate the redemption of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. It reflects the resilience of the Jewish people and the importance of their Jewish homeland.


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