IGCSE Tuition Maths

IGCSE tuition maths

If you are looking for IGCSE tuition maths, then you are in the right place. You can get help with all subjects in math, including algebra and geometry. You can also look for a tutor with a background in education from IIT and IIM. IIT-IIM maths tutors are well-versed with the Grade IX and Grade X maths curriculum. The courses are taught by IIT-IIM graduates who know the tricks of the trade and how to achieve high marks. IGCSE maths tuition is available online, which are taught separately in separate batches.

Helps Students Develop Their Online Skills

There are two types of papers for the IGCSE mathematics examination. Paper 2 carries a weight of twenty percent, while paper four carries a weight of sixty-five percent. IGCSE maths tuition helps students learn how to approach paper 2 by developing topic-wise worksheets for each section of the exam. There are also two different types of tests: core and extended. Paper 1 is one hour long and paper three is two hours long. Papers 1 and 3 account for thirty-five percent of your grade.

There are numerous advantages of online tutoring for IGCSE mathematics. First, you can get a high-quality IGCSE tutor without having to pay an expensive tuition fee. Second, you can choose an IGCSE tutor that is a match for your needs and budget. Thirdly, online tutoring offers the interaction benefits of a face-to-face session. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the time it takes to travel from home to your tutor’s office. And you can also take advantage of Microsoft Teams for the communication.


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