Custom Metal Fabricators

Custom Metal Fabricators provide a variety of services. They can cut, bend, and form metal to your specifications. In addition, they can process metal materials you have supplied.

Which material is used for fabrication?

These services Carolina Fabricators utilize the latest technologies to reduce production costs. In fact, many businesses find that ordering directly from a fabrication shop results in lower overhead expenses. A fabrication shop will also have professional advice on the type of metal to use for your project.

Generally, the types of metal used in the fabrication process are aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and high-strength steel. Some fabricators also venture into nonmetal additive processes, such as plastic injection molding.

The first step in custom metal fabrication is design. A designer or engineer will work with the customer to understand the product’s requirements and how it will be used. Once the design is complete, the fabricator will develop a plan for the tools and materials required.

The next step is prototyping. This is an accelerated version of the manufacturing process. It allows the customer to test the design for feasibility and to identify any potential changes before the next stage of production.

Next, the finished product will undergo the finishing process. This is done to improve the quality of the product’s appearance and durability. Typically, the finishing process includes adding protective layers and finishes.

Finally, the customer receives the final product. Many metal fabricators have strong relationships with manufacturers and can offer customized products that are affordable.


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