Canadian Real Estate Developer Sam Mizrahi

Among the many benefits of working with a Canadian real estate developer is the fact that they are highly qualified in a particular industry. Not only are they highly qualified, but they are also known for their environmentally-conscious practices. They invest heavily in cultural enrichment and community engagement. All projects are handled with the same level of professionalism, and they have the experience to make each one successful. They are able to spot trends in the market and make informed decisions.

A Simple Plan For Canadian Real Estate Developer Sam Mizrahi

A Canadian real estate developer Sam Mizrahi has a unique background. He is Iranian-born and is active in Toronto. He is the president of three companies – Mizrahi Developments, Inc., and Enterprises – and is perhaps best known for developing the One skyscraper. According to Toronto Life, Mizrahi is the 45th most influential person in Toronto.

The building will rise over 300 meters and will have multi-level retail at the base. The developer spent $300 million to acquire the land for the project. During the planning process, Mizrahi consulted with a London-based architect to create a design for the project. The exoskeleton structure will form the base of the building and be visible only from the outside.


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